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OysterVPN Features and Settings

Last Updated: October 7, 2021

Here we will go through features and settings that one should comprehend to acquire a feature-packed OysterVPN service. This guide will help you find what goes best per your device configuration. 

AES 256-Bit Encryption 

Maintaining privacy and protecting your data online can be almost impossible without encryption. OysterVPN uses “Military-grade” encryption protocol to safeguard your data and protect your privacy from the threats existing in the digital world. With data encryption, you can stay safe from the spying eyes of your ISP and protect your data from third parties.

Log Less Policy 

We ensure that you stay anonymous online and that your ISP has no access to your activity or browsing history. We do not keep any logs or track any user activity as we have a strict no-logs policy.

Internet Kill Switch 

The Kill switch feature keeps you safe if your connection to the VPN server drops while disconnecting you from the internet. It keeps you detached from the internet until your connection to the VPN server is restored. This way, it protects your identity and data from going online unprotected.

Split Tunneling

The split Tunneling feature allows you to route the traffic of some of your devices through a VPN server while the other devices’ traffic is routed through your ISP. It gives you the authority to decide which of your device’s traffic needs to be protected and which of it can pass through the local network unprotected.

Secure Protocols

OysterVPN offers a variety of VPN protocols for establishing secure connections between users’ computers and the VPN server location to which you connect. Users can easily switch between protocols using the OysterVPN app, but it’s recommended that you use the automatic setting, which will choose the optimal protocol for your speed and security.

Safe Servers Security

With the OysterVPNs Safe Server feature, you can have hassle-free secure browsing, streaming, or torrent without being tracked, leaked, or exposed to third parties on the internet. We have developed this feature to eliminate the risks due to how the VPN servers traditionally work.

ISP Bandwidth Throttling

ISP bandwidth Throttling happens when users’ internet service provider (ISP) delays the user’s connection based on what you’re trying to see. With the rise of high-bandwidth streaming video services, ISPs have begun to monitor users’ data and slow down their download speed if they detect packets from those services. ISPs claim that this is done to relieve traffic load, but the truth is more complex. OysterVPN provides its users with throttle-free browsing.

Anti-Malware Protection

Malware is harmful software that has been programmed to infect computers, mobile phones, laptops, and other devices and obtain unauthorized access to them. Cybercriminals commonly use malware to steal personal and financial data from internet users and organizations. OysterVPN uses powerful anti-malware protection to keep users away from online predators.

DDoS Protection

DDoS (distributed denial of service) cyberattacks are getting progressively common and complex. They can cause your company’s servers to slow down or even collapse, thereby shutting down its operation. DDoS Protection monitors incoming traffic to the website using analytics and technological breakthroughs to prevent these attacks.

P2P Optimized Servers

Peer-to-peer, often referred to as P2P, is a network protocol that allows users to share files online or download large files efficiently. In addition, the P2P network is designed to empower users to connect to other file-sharing platforms like Torrents and download content easily.

With a P2P VPN, you can safely enjoy torrenting without compromising internet speed and without getting on the radar of anti-torrenting authorities.

10 Simultaneous Connections

OysterVPN allows 10 simultaneous connections so that you can secure your own devices as well as the devices used by your family. You can use one account on your phone, your laptop, and your smart TV, without any restrictions, simultaneously. You can also share your account with your friends and family, enabling them to enjoy unrestricted online streaming. The best part is that OysterVPN offers 10 multi-logins without any bandwidth limit, allowing you to enjoy lag-free security and streaming anytime.

DNS Leak Protection

When users join a VPN network, all of their internet traffic is supposed to be routed via default DNS servers. Instead, they should use the encrypted connection to connect straight to the OysterVPN service provider’s DNS servers. A DNS leak is a flaw that allows your queries to be routed through the default DNS servers of your internet service provider (ISP).

Smart Connect

The smart connectivity feature brings you the nearest server right at your device screen. With that comparable server connectivity option, you can acquire fast-paced speed wrapped in 256-Bit Security Encryption. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

OysterVPN provides unlimited bandwidth to all of its users on all of its servers. You can enjoy the OysterVPN experience without any lags or speed drops. Stream or browse with OysterVPN and enjoy unmetered connectivity. Enjoy high-speed downloads by breaking free the limits set by your ISP.


Ads clog up significant sections of websites, slow down installation rate, and may include malware. With the Ad-Blocker feature, you can eliminate commercial material from websites, particularly intrusive ads. The ad-blocking software checks the domain names of the web page against massive blocklists. 

IPV6 Leak

Users can stay secure online when having an IPv6 leak prevention feature! Having that stunning feature would let you uphold a secure network connection from anywhere in the world without being disclosed or tracked. So let’s secure your digital identity with a cutting-edge IPV6 Leak protection feature.