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Does OysterVPN support IPv6? Do I have it on my network?

Last Updated: October 7, 2021

OysterVPN does not currently support the IPv6 protocol. In rare cases, having IPv6 enabled on your network creates hurdles when connecting to our servers. However, you won’t notice any difference in your daily activities if you disable it. Follow the below steps to check if your network has IPv6 protocol:

  1. To find out your IP address, go to (How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?).
  2. You can check your public IP address here on this page. If your network supports IPv6, you’ll notice a long IP address made up of letters, digits, and dots.
  3. If you don’t have IPv6, you’ll get a shorter IP address that’s just digits and dots. If you notice that IPv6 is active on your network, please turn it off so that you can use OysterVPN without interruption.
  4. On Windows, macOS, and Linux devices, you can disable IPv6 directly.