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Auto-connect/Kill Switch/LAN settings couldn’t be changed

Last Updated: October 7, 2021

With OysterVPN you’ll get a couple of more connection features, all of which are designed to improve your security, as well as your browsing, Internet, and OysterVPN experience.

These features are server-based, which means they run on an OysterVPN server, saving you bandwidth and processing time. Unfortunately, the client does not provide these functions; it just functions as a remote control. This post will show you how to fix an issue in the OysterVPN app on any device where you can’t change the Autoconnect, Killswitch, or LAN settings.

You might not be able to change particular settings of some features, such as Autoconnect, Killswitch, or Invisible to devices, in some bizarre circumstances (LAN). This issue might occur when the operating system cannot process certain features on the device. Here’s how you can fix Auto-connect/Kill Switch/LAN settings couldn’t be changed:

  1. Restart the OysterVPN app and check to change those settings afterward.
  2. Restart your device; if the program does not work, then go back to the OysterVPN application’s default settings.
  3. Go to Settings > Help > Diagnostics and click Restore original settings in the OysterVPN app.
  4. Reinstall the OysterVPN app if restoring it did not solve the problem.

In case the troubleshooting tips fail, simply take a screenshot and give your concerns to our customer support team via live chat or email to have your problem resolved sooner!