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Collecting diagnostics failed

Last Updated: October 7, 2021

The network preferences of your device, the protocols used on your network, other applications, the type of network (home, public, mobile data), and other factors all play a part in the process of collecting diagnostics and establishing a VPN connection.

When the OysterVPN app on your Windows device fails, a few reasons might be. However, this guide will help you manually send the diagnostic information to our customer support team. If you get an error message collecting diagnostics failed on Windows, follow the below steps and transfer the diagnostic files to our agents.

  1. Click the Search button and type in File Explorer on the Windows start menu.
  2. Select the first result, which should resemble the image below.
  3. Navigate to the OysterVPN installation folder in File Explorer.
  4. This PC > Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > OysterVPN is the default location.
  5. You’ll find an archived file format, similar to the one shown in the screenshot below.
  6. It will reflect the time of the latest diagnostics.
  7. If you’re having problems with the app, you may now send the file to the support team.
  8. Follow these instructions if you can’t find this file in your OysterVPN installation directory:
  • Type %appdata% into the Search box on the Windows start menu.
  • Select the first result, which should resemble the image below.
  • This command will open the Roaming folder (%appdata% is a shortcut to this folder).
  • From here, open the OysterVPN folder.
  • Your diagnostic files begin with the letter log.
  1. If you’re having trouble with the app, you can email these files to our support team. But you’re still having difficulty finding these files, try opening %programdata% and looking for them in the OysterVPN folder.

If the troubleshooting tips fail, take a screenshot and give your concerns to our customer support team via live chat or email to resolve your problem sooner!