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How to add OysterVPN to the mock locations app list?

Last Updated: October 6, 2021

This tutorial will show you how to add OysterVPN to the mock locations’ app list. In order to do that,  you’ll need to have,

  • An  android device,
  • An OysterVPN application, and
  • An active OysterVPN subscription

If you don’t currently have a subscription, click here to do so.

Add OysterVPN To The Mock Locations App List 

STEP #1 Go to your device’s Settings.

STEP #2 Then click on System.

STEP #3 Then select Developer options.

STEP #4 The mock locations setting can be found under Developer settings. This option can be found in your device’s settings, as shown in the screenshot below.

STEP #5 From the menu, select Mock Location App.

STEP #6 In the following pop-up window, select the OysterVPN app.

STEP #7 That’s it! You have successfully added OysterVPN to the mock locations’ app list.