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How To Set Up OysterVPN With OpenVPN on a Netgear Router

Last Updated: October 6, 2021

Netgear routers do not function as OpenVPN clients; thus, customers cannot set up VPNs directly. However, you can use these additional procedures to set up a VPN on your Netgear router. Either you can update your router’s firmware to DD-WRT or Tomato or use DD-WRT or Tomato-flashed router to set up VPN.

However, you’ll need Netgear Router and an active OysterVPN subscription to start the setup process. If you don’t already have a subscription, click here to subscribe.

Flash your router to DD-WRT or Tomato firmware

  1. Any of these firmware, DD-WRT or Tomato, can be flashed onto your router.
  2. First, see if DD-WRT or Tomato supports the model of your Netgear router.
  3. Click here to see if DD-WRT firmware is compatible with your router.
  4. If your router is supported, the “Install Guide” will appear next to its name.
  5. Cross-check whether the Tomato firmware is compatible with your router.
  6. If your router is displayed, click on its name to see the flashing guide.
  7. Proceed to Step 2 after flashing your router to DD-WRT or Tomato.
  8. If none of these firmware works with your network, we recommend getting a VPN-enabled Wi-Fi router.

Setup OysterVPN on your DD-WRT or Tomato flashed Router

  1. Click here to set up a VPN on a DD-WRT router.
  2. Set up a VPN on a router flashed with Tomato.

Please get in touch with our support team via live chat or email with screenshots of your router’s configuration page if you have any problems.