How to fix slow connection issues on Windows?

In this guide, you will learn how to avoid slow connection issues on windows when you have turned the OysterVPN on! Remember that having a minimum difference in speed is quite normal when you are surfing using a VPN, but if you face potential speed changes, feel free to follow this guide.

Change Protocol On OysterVPN

First, change the current protocol you are currently using at OysterVPN.

Now visit the setting page on the OysterVPN app; here, see the Advanced tab that will direct you to the protocol settings.

Change Your Automatic Protocol To Its OpenVPN (UDP)

Now connect your device to OysterVPN’s server and your speed again. (If OpenVPN (UDP) does not help, try the IKEv2 protocol as well).

If you are still facing speed issues, try servers close to your locations. If you don’t know how to test the speed, visit to acquire a quick speed test.

Try The Manual Connection

Connecting OysterVPN manually can fetch you a basic VPN connection. It will help you bypass all the desired features that have potentially slowed down your connection on windows.

Don’t you know how to connect to OysterVPN manually? Click here to acquire a free tutorial on connecting OysterVPN on windows manually.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes rebooting seems quite simple to resolve the speed issue, but it works! We suggest you reboot your device as it will close all idle apps while eliminating all other background processing that may reduce your speed.

Disable Interfering Apps

Can’t you resolve the speed issue after applying the following guidelines then? Don’t hesitate and connect with our customer support team for speedy help.