How to Set Up OysterVPN Using OpenVPN on MacOS

Like other operating systems, macOS does not natively support OpenVPN. However, you can create an OpenVPN connection on macOS using Tunnelblick.

  1. Download Tunnelblick from here and install it. It will ask for your Mac Password, which you should enter and select “OK“.
  2. Download the OysterVPN TCP and UDP .ovpn for Tunnelblick from here.
  3. Double-click “Tunnelblick” in your “Applications” folder to start it.
  4. Now locate and extract OysterVPN from your system’s “Downloads” folder. Inside the folder, you’ll find TCP and UDP directories.
  5. Depending on the protocol you wish to connect to, open any folders. Now drag and drop one or more server location files into Tunnelblick’s “Configurations” section from the folder you just accessed.
  6. Check the box next to “Apply to all” and select “Only Me.”
  7. It will ask for your Mac’s password. Enter it and click “OK.”
  8. On the Tunnelblick screen, go to the left side and select your desired server location, then select “Settings” If a warning message appears, press “OK.” Check the two boxes below and uncheck the second check box at the bottom, as indicated in the screenshot.
  9. Click on “Connect” to proceed.
  10. Enter your OysterVPN username and password.
  11. Then click the box to save the credentials for this server in your keychain, then click on “OK.”
  12. OysterVPN will connect to your preferred server.

If you have problems completing the above instructions successfully, contact our customer support team via live chat or email (