How To Set Up OpenVPN on iOS

Here is a step-by-step guide on setting OysterVPN with OpenVPN on iOS on iOS 9 or higher.

  1. Install the OpenVPN Connect App from the App store.
  2. Once installed, open it.
  3. Download the OysterVPN TCP and UDP Config Files for OpenVPN. Click here to download the files.
  4. Tap on Open in files.
  5. Select iCloud Drive and then tap on Add.
  6. Open the File app.
  7. Go to iCloud Drive.
  8. You’ll find the downloaded Config Files there.
  9. Tap on the OysterVPN folder.
  10. Now choose the server location/country of your choice.
  11. Open it with the OpenVPN Connect app.
  12. Tap on Add and follow the below steps:
  13. Enter a title like USA.
  14. Enter your username and password for OysterVPN.
  15. Check the box next to save the password.
  16. After creating a VPN profile, turn on the switch to connect.