Can I use OysterVPN with TOR?

The safest technique for browsing the internet is using the OysterVPN service and TOR. It makes no difference whether you use TOR to access Onion websites or increase your online privacy. When you use it in conjunction with a VPN, rest assured that you will remain safe and anonymous.

Here’s how you can use OysterVPN with TOR:

  1. Download and install the OysterVPN app on your smart device.
  2. Connect to your favorite spot using the OysterVPN app.
  3. Open the TOR browser; instead of receiving a request from your IP, it will receive one from ours and will continue to route your connection through its servers.
  4. Your internet performance might suffer significantly due to double encryption and several server connection hops. Use OysterVPN instead of the TOR browser to get the best speed when surfing or streaming online material.

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