How to enable Developer options on your Android device?

Android developer options are a set of advanced customization settings that are hidden by default in Android phones unless activated by the user.

When you enable developer options, a menu appears to change numerous device settings. For example, you can enable GPS spoofing for the override GPS capability using the parameters in that menu.

Follow these steps to unlock developer options on an Android phone:

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone on your Android device.
  2. Tap your build number a few times till you see a message about developer options and how many times you need to tap to enable them.
  3. After you’ve tapped the requisite number of times, a notification will appear stating that the developer options are enabled.
  4. Return to your phone’s Settings and select System. One can find Developer choices at the bottom of the page.
  5. That’s all! You can now change your device’s developer settings.

We strongly advise you not to change any settings you are unfamiliar with when using developer tools.

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