Will I be given various IPs every time?

Currently, OysterVPN does not provide dedicated IP addresses. In each of our listed locations, we have a variety of servers with multiple IP addresses. So for example, each time you connect to an Atlanta location, you may receive a different IP address from Atlanta.

For the time being, here’s another option that should assist. Currently, Static Servers are available to our customers in the OysterVPN app on Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. When you connect to a Static Server, you will always be given the same IP address shared by all users connected to that server at the time.

Our DevOps team has dedicated IP provision on their to-do list, but if you want us to accelerate, feel free to send us a message, it will help us prioritize. The more requests we receive, the faster we can implement a new feature.

If you need more help with your virtual location, get in touch via live chat or email (support@oystervpn.com).