How To Set Up OysterVPN With IKEv2 on Mikrotik Router

OysterVPN is designed to provide the smoothest browsing experience and the highest level of security to any smart device, including Mikrotik routers. MikroTik routers implement the IKv6 security protocol, and the operating system is based on the Linux Kernel and is compatible with a wide range of internet service provider applications.

You have to follow the instructions below to set up OysterVPN on Mikrotik Router using IKEv2. Make sure you meet the following requirements before you proceed:

  1. A Mikrotik PPTP-supported router.
  2. An active OysterVPN account.
  3. An active OysterVPN subscription.

Once you have checked the above requirements, follow the below step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start by logging in to your Mikrotik router.
  2. Select PPP and then click on PPTP client.
  3. You will be prompted to General; in the Name section, enter OysterVPN-PPTP.
  4. Then click on Dial Out.
  5. Enter the server address you want to connect to.
    • Choose a server of your choice; click here for the list of OysterVPN’s servers.
    • Enter your OysterVPN’s username and password in the User and Password fields, respectively.
    • Add default route options and check the dial on demand.
    • To save your settings, click Apply/OK. If you’re having trouble connecting to the VPN, uncheck the box that says “Add Default Route.”
  6. Now go to the Main Menu and select Firewall.
  7. Select the NAT tab and create a new NAT rule. Scrnat from the chain and OysterVPN-PPTP from the Out Interface List are the options.
  8. Then Select masquerade from the dropdown selection on the Action tab. To save the changes, click Apply/OK.
  9. Then go to the Mangle tab and create a new rule.
  10. Select pre-routing from the chain list in the General tab.
  11. Then, in the Src Address area, type the IP address you want to connect with or a range of IP addresses you want to route through the VPN tunnel.
  12. Go to the Action tab and select Mark Routing from the Action dropdown menu. Save the settings by typing OysterVPN-PPTP in the New Routing Mark area.
  13. From the main menu, select IP and then Routes. To create a new route, click the “+” symbol.
  14. In the Dst. Address field, type, select OysterVPN -PPTP from the Gateway, and then select OysterVPN -PPTP from the Routing Mark.
  15. To save your settings, click Apply/OK.
  16. Select DNS from the main menu by clicking IP.
  17. Allow Remote Requests should be checked, and the settings should be saved.
  18. Select DHCP Server from the main menu by clicking IP.
  19. Now, in the DNS Servers fields, type and (these are OpenDNS addresses; you can use whatever DNS address you choose).
  20. To save your settings, click Apply/OK.
  21. Open the OysterVPN-PPTP interface from the main menu, and enable the connection from the status bar.
  22. Done! Now you have successfully installed and configured OysterVPN on Mikrotik Router with IKEv2.