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How to set up OysterVPN on Apple TV

Last Updated: October 6, 2021

Have you been looking for a quick guide to set up OysterVPN on Apple TV? Then, we have got you covered! This step by step guide is designed to help you connect OysterVPN with your Apple TV while following two simple methods. We have shared them below.

Method 1: Setup OysterVPN on a Router That Supports VPN Setup.

Method 2: Setup OysterVPN on PC and share its connection with your Apple TV.

Method 1: Setup OysterVPN on a Router That Supports VPN Setup. 

First of all, set up OysterVPN on a router device. Don’t you know how to do that? Click here. If your router’s configuration doesn’t support VPN, you opt for the second method we have shared below.

Now that you have successfully connected the VPN on your router, the next step that comes in your way is to connect Apple TV with the router’s Wi-Fi connection. Now head to your Apple TV and follow these steps.

STEP #1 Go to settings -> General -> Network

Step #2: Select “Configure Wi-Fi”, select your Wi-Fi connection and enter its password.

As you have set up a VPN on your router then now you can browse safely on your Apple TV through a secure Wi-Fi Connection,

Method 2: Setup OysterVPN on PC and Share Its Connection with Your Apple TV.

This method requires you to set up a VPN on your computer to later share with your Apple TV. Hence, before running Apple TV, ensure that your VPN connection is on the computer.

Incorporate Ethernet/LAN cable to connect with PC and later with your Apple TV. Now follow these steps!

STEP #1 Open the OyserVPN app on Windows and hit the setting button.

STEP #2 Now, you will be given two protocol options to pick TCP or UDP.

STEP #3 After that, Connect OysterVPN with a US server.

STEP #4 Open the Run command box and enter ncpa.cpl, and open Network Connections

STEP #5 Now, look for the driver “TAP-Windows Adapter V9” right-click on it and open properties.

STEP #6 Here, at the properties window, look for the “Sharing” tab and click the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”. Now Hit “Ok.”

It would help you enable VPN access to your Apple TV through your computer. Then, enjoy non-stop streaming on Apple TV once you have successfully established an OysterVPN connection on your Apple TV.