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How to set up OysterVPN on an Asus Merlin Router?

Last Updated: October 6, 2021

On your Asus Merlin router, you’ll learn how to set up the OysterVPN tunnel using OpenVPN. This solution will come in handy if you have devices that don’t support VPNs or if you want to safeguard all of your Wi-Fi-connected devices at once. You’ll need an Asus Merlin Router and an active OysterVPN subscription to get started. If you don’t already have a subscription, click here to subscribe.

Follow the steps below to set up OysterVPN on Asus Merlin Router:

  1. Start by logging in to your Asus Merlin router using as your IP address.
  2. Use the default router credentials to log in to the router. You can find your router credentials on the backside of your router if you don’t remember them.
  3. Click on Advanced Settings and then go to VPN.
  4. Now select the VPN Client tab.
  5. Click on the OpenVPN button that you will find on the right side of the page.
  6. Then click on Choose File.
  7. Now go to the Downloads folder of your device and select the downloaded OysterVPN configuration file.
  8. Click on the Open and then the upload button to insert the configuration file.
  9. Set all the options as shown in the screenshot, and then click Apply.
  10. Write your OysterVPN credentials in the fields of Username and Password.
  11. Turn the Service state by switching it OFF and ON.
  12. That’s it! You’ve completed the installation and configuration of OysterVPN on your Asus Merlin router using OpenVPN!